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Ask for the Sophono Bone Anchored Hearing System

Claire Differding of Lakeville, MN

After Claire started school, she was given drugs for ADHD and asked to use painful devices in her good ear, including a bone conduction hearing aid attached to her head with what she called “an itchy band.” When she was in fourth grade, Claire and her family learned about the SophonoTM...

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Mark Fairhead of Norfolk, UK

Mark was living with hearing loss when he discovered the SophonoTM Alpha device. “I used a dynalog processor on a headband, though it was not very cool looking,” he recalls. “I found out about bone conduction hearing devices and the improvements these can make to one’s life.”

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Tyson D’Hondt of Kamloops, British Columbia

After years of wearing a bone conduction hearing device attached by a headband, Tyson was able to get the SophonoTM magnetic bone anchored hearing system with the magnetic implant. “I’m looking forward to wearing my hearing aid all the time now,” Tyson said after the surgery. “No more headbands.”

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