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Hear more to do more

Sophono™ offers more sound amplification (gain) than any other magnetic transcutaneous system!2,3  

More gain means better hearing and doing the things you like to do without worrying about how well you can hear. What will YOU do with the freedom of the SOPHONO™ system?

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1Siegert R. Semi-implantable transcutaneous bone conduction hearing device with fitting on the day of surgery. Presented at the 29th Politzer Society Meeting Antalya, Turkey, Nov 2013. 2 Comparing published transcutaneous device specifications of acousto-mechanical gain at 1.6 KHz and 60 dB SPL. Cochlear Baha® Datasheet, BUN203 ISS2 DEC13, Sophono™ Alpha 2 MPO™ Product Specification, S0596-00 Rev C, Sophono™ Test Report: Acousto-Mechanical Gain Alpha2 MPO.  3 Kohan, D., M.D., Implantable Auditory Devices. Presented at the Ultimate Colorado Midwinter Meeting; Vail, CO; Feb. 3, 2015.


Get started with the SOPHONO™ Magnetic Bone Anchored Hearing System (BAHS)

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Locate a SOPHONO hearing clinic

Locate a clinic

Get an in office demonstration of the therapy and see if SOPHONO™ is right for you.

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View clinical outcomes

See clinical data showing the safety and effectiveness of the SOPHONO™ magnetic bone conduction hearing system.

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Speak with a SMART Ambassador

Speak with an ambassador

Speak with a volunteer who will share their experiences with the SOPHONO™ bone-anchored hearing system.

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